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Sensory Assessments

The assessment includes a detailed discussion with family, and professionals working with the child, a school visit and discussion with the staff there, 1:1 direct assessment with the child (which may include standardized and non-standardized assessments and clinical observations), analysis, comprehensive report with recommendations, and feedback to the family and professionals working with the child and family.

Sensory Integration Intervention

One of the evidence based treatment approaches used when working with children with this kind of background is sensory processing and integration. Sensory integration refers to how people use the information from their environment and their senses. For most of us sensory integration occurs without conscious thought or effort.

Sensory processing refers to the way the brain ‘translates’ information back to the sensory receptors, for instance our skin, and our eyes. Sensory processing difficulties can influence self-regulation, movement, learning, and interactions with others. A child with sensory processing difficulties does not receive and interpret ‘information’ in the same way as other children.

Left untreated children with sensory processing difficulties struggle to engage in relationships with parents and primary caregivers, resulting in difficulties with co-regulation and self regulation, and find it increasingly difficult to engage in the ever more complex activities of daily living, including those required for academic learning.

It can be difficult to understand why these children react differently to us. Intervention helps the child/young person to develop the necessary foundations for skill development in emotional, social, motor, and cognitive areas.

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