Simple steps to avoid feeling highly stressed and overwhelmed

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Simple steps to avoid feeling highly stressed and overwhelmed

Structure your day
Maintain a daily routine.
Function: this gives you back a sense of predictability and control.

Notice 3 positive things every day
Be present in those moments then record them to build up a memory bank of positive moments that you can recall again at any time.
Function: This helps to shift the brain from continuously focusing on the negative.

Have objects that bring a smile to your face or give you comfort in each room of your home
Function: This contributes to making your home your secure base.

If you are feeling Low: Movement Up-Regulates
Movement shifts your state of feeling stuck and helpless.
Sitting on an exercise ball instead of the chair (don’t do this if you have poor balance). Go out if you can, a brisk walk energises you. Walk or run on the spot if you can’t go out.

If you are feeling Frustrated or Angry: Physical Effort Down Regulates
Any activities that involve physical effort i.e. active pressure on the muscles and joints helps calm you down. For example, using weights, doing push ups, sit ups, pushing against the wall, going on all fours and being the horsey for your child.
Fastest down regulators are hanging, climbing and crawling.
Food: Eat hard crunchy and chewy foods.

Éadaoin Bhreathnach
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