Food for regulation

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The Adoption Consultancy will focus on regulation of children and adults in the home using food. We will help you think about how eating different kinds of foods can have a powerful impact on how we are feeling.

For instance, how eating soothing foods such as a thickened yoghurt through a straw can help us feel comforted (see below recipe and video), how crunchy foods like carrots and apples can help us when we are feeling cross, and how other foods can help us focus and concentrate, such as mints and oranges, all things that we know can be more challenging and difficult in these times.

Making and eating things together can be a really good way of coming together and having fun.

We will help you to think about how you can use these as part of your everyday patterns of eating and preparing foods, and easy ways to weave them into your day to day life.

Below are some FREE resources we have produced that we hope you find useful, do let us know if you would like to recommend any additional resources to add to our list!

The Adoption Consultancy FREE Resources

  1. The Emotional Effects of Food Regulation Principles for Snacks and Eating – Download our quick and easy guide and recipe (just two ingredients!) for a simple and soothing yoghurt drink for you and your child/ren to enjoy… and here is a short video from our Chris showing you how it’s done!
  2. Up Regulating Foods – We can use different foods to make us more awake and alert (up-regulating), for instance
    when we are trying to focus on something, or want to be up-lifted.
  3. Down Regulating Foods – We can use different foods to help us feel calmer when we are feeling cross (down-regulating). Food can help our own regulation, and the regulation of others. The things that are regulating for you may be different for your child.

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