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We offer a wide range of specialist training and supervision services for adoptive parents, carers and professionals working in the field of adoption and permanence.

All of our services for adoptive parents and Special Guardians are eligible for funding via the Adoption Support Fund (ASF). If you are an adoptive parent or Special Guardian we can give you the information you need to start your ASF application process. Please contact us for more information.

Safety First Training Programme

Children who are adopted from care enter adoptive homes with a wide range of developmental challenges.

This four day course (usually delivered over consecutive Saturdays) is designed to equip adoptive parents/carers with understandings and skills to parent based upon neuroscience, attachment theory, and a resilience perspective.

This course can be commissioned directly by Local Authorities and is eligible for funding via the Adoption Support Fund.

“This course has been a god send. I only wish I had access to all if this years ago. I will take away so many positives from this and hope to put it all into practice.” – Adoptive Parent

  • Day One: Physiological and neurological needs
    Understanding our needs and those of our children. You and your child’s journey to adoption.
  • Day Two: Safe Base – The brain 
    The Brain – Why understanding how it is structured and how it works can help us understand our children. Trauma and loss – Impact on the brain. Introduction to Sensory Integration, processing and sensory attachment.
  • Day Three: Safe Base – Relationship needs
    Revisiting attachment. Inner Working Model. Relationship based play – basic principles and practical.
  • Day Four: Safe Base – Parenting with PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy)
    PACE Parenting, Curiosity and Empathy scenarios. Accepting, attuned and playful scenarios.

Each parent(s) then have a booked time (on another date) for a consultancy session with The Adoption Consultancy 360 to discuss issue(s) regarding their adopted child.

Please contact us for more information on fees and availability.

Just Right State Programme (JRS)

JRS is a six-week parent/child programme, where the child is offered opportunities to experience and engage in a range of regulating activities.

Parents are able to begin to learn how to observe their child’s ability to self-regulate, and how to provide a regulating environment at home. Parents also explore their own abilities and needs for self-regulation.

‘The JRS programme is unique in it’s ability to enable the parent and child to begin to make the links between sensory and emotional processing, and how the use of strategies focused on enriched environment provision, and regulating activities, can positively impact on the development of these skills and abilities. – Just Right State Programme Service Evaluation, 2011

The aim of the JRS programme is to enable individuals to remain regulated when engaged in activities that are normally challenging for them. This in turn allows higher level functioning to occur such as social engagement and academic performance.

The purpose of the JRS programme is to help children and young people who may be experiencing these sensory processing difficulties to learn how to use different activities to: 

  • Increase their concentration and attention 
  • Develop their sensory and motor skills and abilities 
  • Help them to stay calmer
  • To know what activities they might do when they are finding things more difficult

The JRS programme can be delivered in a group, or individually, depending on the child and family’s needs. Additional information is available on our information leaflet.

Please contact us for more information on fees and availability.

Commissioned training for adoptive parents, carers and professionals

Our training is designed to meet the needs of small work groups who wish to enrich their level of understanding and competence. We can provide specialist bespoke training in the following key areas:

  • Preparing children for adoption/permanence – for social workers and foster carers
  • Attachment focused parenting – for adoptive parents and foster carers
  • Understanding and application of attachment theory in adoption and fostering
  • Adolescent development and attachment
  • Supporting children for adoption/permanence – for social workers and foster carers
  • Attachment focused parenting – for foster carers
  • Attachment and trauma informed teaching approaches – for schools
  • Parenting for attachment and resilience – for adoptive parents
  • Individually designed training packages – for groups of parents and professionals

Please contact us for more information on course content, fees and availability.

Supervision services

We offer small supervision groups to professionals and carers working with children and young people with complex needs. The aim of these groups is to promote the understanding and management of challenging and confusing behaviour.

Please contact us for more information on fees and availability.