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We offer a wide range of specialist assessment, therapeutic, consultation and training services for adoptive parents, carers and professionals working in the field of adoption and permanence.

All of our Therapeutic Services for adoptive parents and Special Guardians are eligible for funding via the Adoption Support Fund (ASF). If you are an adoptive parent or Special Guardian we can give you the information you need to start your ASF application process. Please contact us for more information.

Click on the ‘read more’ links to find out more about each service and contact us for more information on fees, availability and any other queries. You can also use the (yellow) right menu to navigate between service pages.

Assessment Services

The Children’s Consultancy offers a range of specialist assessment services covering the following areas; the child/s needs (pre and post placement), placement needs, sibling relationships, attachment needs and sensory integration needs. We also offer specialist assessments to contribute to adopter assessments. Please contact us for more information.

Therapeutic Services (incl. Assessments)

All therapeutic services are delivered by our highly experienced multi-disciplinary team, who are trained and qualified to deliver such specialist service provision.

Our therapeutic approach involves parents and children together; and promotes the development of healthy attachment relationships, integration of unresolved past trauma, emotions and improved regulation capacity.

Based on assessment needs, these services can be commissioned individually or as part of wider support packages which may include any combination of the below.

Marschak Interaction Method (MIM): The MIM is a structured observation of the interaction between parent and child used to assess the quality of their relationship for purposes of parent guidance and treatment planning. Read More.

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP): DDP, developed by Daniel A. Hughes over the last two decades, differs from traditional non-directive approaches to child therapy in its involvement of the child’s carer throughout the therapy sessions. Read More.

Attachment and Trauma Informed Therapy: The Children’s Consultancy offers a wide range of specialist attachment and trauma informed therapy services for children and their families, including:

  • Theraplay ®: An attachment therapy developed by Ann Jernberg and Phyllis Booth. Read More.
  • Sensory Assessments and Sensory Integration Interventions: For children with sensory processing difficulties. Read More.

Therapeutic Life Story Work: Life Story Work offers deep reflective work with a child to help them develop a coherent and accurate story of their lives and the lives of people closest to them. Read More.

Consultation Services

We offer consultation clinics for adoptive parents, carers and professionals. Children who have backgrounds of abuse and neglect can often be confusing and difficult to live with, as well as exhausting. Our clinics offer ways of understanding concerning and challenging behaviour in the home or school environment with reference to development and attachment issues The aim is to help parents/carers better understand and meet the complex needs of their child/ren and to have time to reflect on their own needs as carers. Please contact us for more information.

Training Services

Training programmes currently available include our Safety First therapeutic training course for adoptive parents and our Just Right State Programme (a six-week parent/child programme, where the child is offered opportunities to experience and engage in a range of regulating activities). Both of these programmes are eligible for funding via the Adoption Support Fund (ASF). We also offer bespoke training packages and supervision services for professionals. Please visit our Training page for more information.