The Adoption Consultancy 360 is a registered Adoption Support Agency based in Exeter, Devon and primarily operates in the South West of England. The consultancy provides psychological services for adoptive families and carers, as well as supervision and consultation services for social workers and professionals working in the field of adoption and permanency.

Chris West and Sally Hebeler, Directors of The Adoption Consultancy 360

The Adoption Consultancy 360 has extensive clinical experience working with children, young people, families, and professionals in the statutory and independent sectors. We have been working with adoptive parents and their children for over 25 years, providing services on behalf of local authority adoption teams and a major Voluntary Adoption Agency (VAA).

The consultancy brings together a multi-disciplinary team of Directors, Consultants and Associates. Our founding partners were Sue Holt, a Chartered and Registered Psychologist, and Anna Flanigan, a Child Therapist. In October 2015 the organisation was taken over by Sally Hebeler with Chris West joining as a Director in September 2016. Anna and Sue continue to work alongside Sally and Chris as Consultants.

We provide independent consultation, support and assessment services, undertaking a range of specialist work, including:

  • Adoption support and therapy for parents, children and couples
  • Assessments of prospective adopters where there are complex issues
  • Training for adopters and permanent carers
  • Adoption support programmes for groups and individuals
  • Supervision and consultation to professionals and carers

We provide a high quality service to all our service users and as such invest in a range of quality assurance activities. The Adoption Consultancy 360 subscribes to monthly supervision sessions, which are used to monitor the services we deliver as a whole and to examine individual pieces of work. In addition we recruit supervision for particular pieces of on-going work from specialist supervisors. All of our Consultants and Associates meet regularly for policy updates and to share good practice.

We are committed to using up-to-date research, as well as service user feedback to inform best practice. We have comprehensive quality assurance processes which we use to drive improvement. Everyone using our services is asked for structured feedback which is incorporated into our formal review processes. Anything suggesting dissatisfaction, even if it is not a formal complaint, is followed up.

Download our Statement of Purpose for additional information.

Download our Information Leaflet for Children. It answers a few common questions and we hope you’ll find it both useful and informative.

The Adoption Consultancy 360 Ltd has an established procedure for complaints where any individual, having received a service from us, has been unhappy with the way that service has been provided. Download our Complaints Procedure.

The Adoption Consultancy 360 is committed to protecting the privacy of all people who we hold information on. Our Data Protection and Privacy Policy outlines how we use and protect your information and who to contact if you have any issues or queries regarding our policy. This policy is fully compliant with GDPR regulations and ensures we confirm to all European laws as the “data controller” of the information you provide to us.

The Adoption Consultancy 360 received a fourth consecutive ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating following our most recent inspection in April 2019.

When awarding The Adoption Consultancy 360 ‘Outstanding’, Ofsted stated:

“Families feel welcomed, nurtured and valued by the service. They appreciate the warm, friendly and attractively decorated surroundings. Family members commented on the good ‘match’ between therapists and family members, the excellent communication and the exceptional support from the agency to help to secure and retain adoption support funding.”

A copy of the full report can be downloaded here and has also been published on the Ofsted website. Ofsted have also published this summary letter for children and young people.

The Adoption Consultancy 360 is also a member of CASA, a group of independent Adoption Support Agencies (ASAs) who are registered under the Adoption and Children Act 2002. They provide support services to all parties affected by adoption or long-term fostering throughout the UK.